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Below is a list of resources compiled by members of the Bereaved Dads Breakfast Club - books, articles, websites and more that helped us at different points along the way.  We hope you find them useful.  


Have one to add?  Contact Us with the details and we'll gladly add it to our page.  


  • Option B - Sheryl Sandberg's (COO of Facebook) account of losing her husband and moving forward


  • "Widower of the parish" a series of articles in the Guardian newspaper - a practical account of the trials and tribulations of a widower. Adam Golightly has a follow on book. 


Websites & Online Resources

  • - Irish chat forum for widows and widowers - good for not feeling you are alone

Radio, Podcasts 


  • After life - Ricky Gervais fictional but impactful account of life after losing his wife (Netflix)

  • Fatherhood (trailer) - light hearted widowhood movie starring Kevin Hart on Netflix

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