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Bereaved Dads' Breakfast Club

Find a Group Near You

Find a Group Near You

Thanks for contacting us! We'll be in touch within 2 - 3 days. 

How the Bereaved Dads' Breakfast Club Works

The Bereaved Dads' Breakfast Club is an informal group of widowed dads who support each other through Whatsapp groups and in-person meetups.  Our number one rule at the Bereaved Dads' Breakfast Club is to keep things open, informal and friendly.  Once you get in touch with us, we have a chat to introduce ourselves and understand better your situation, location and hopefully point you towards others nearby in a similar situation.

Meetups (dads only) are organised over Whatsapp by members whenever we can. It might be a coffee or breakfast (hence our name) or a walk or hike.  The key is informality and inclusion - we're all in the same boat and just want an opportunity to connect and talk to others in an easygoing and relaxed atmosphere. 

Current Groups



Other Areas

The Bereaved Dads' Breakfast Club operates on a peer to peer basis, with groups being set up by dads in their local areas.  We keep a list of people interested in meeting up in areas currently without groups.  Please get in touch and we can see if there is someone nearby we can put you in touch with. 

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About Us

The Bereaved Dads' Breakfast Club started in 2017 when two widowed dads, Tom and John, both bringing up children alone having lost their wives to cancer, met by chance at a hospice family event. Finding themselves with a lot in common, a meetup was arranged and the breakfast club was born.

The group has since expanded, with recent media attention helping spread awareness enormously and bring new members on board, which is what it's all about. Click below to hear recent radio interviews, or visit our ever-growing Resources page for lots more information. 


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